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Okay, so I have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon. I know, I know...blogs are like opinions, everybody has one, but my intention through this blog is to share some ideas, get some ideas and maybe even teach a few things. Whether you become a regular reader or just happen to come across my page by chance, I hope that you can take away something that makes you feel good.

I love all things food...books, magazines, TV shows, bacon...you get the idea. Food is my therapy. Whether it's eating a fabulous meal at a restaurant or more typically, cooking in my kitchen, something about the whole process is good for my soul. All of this, mind you, is much to my husband's dismay. Don't get me wrong, the man likes to eat and loves my cooking, but he would be happy with a smoothie for breakfast, a cheese stick for lunch and a sensible dinner...you can see how this presents a problem for a girl that won't even look at leftovers!

But I have no worries, because there's nothing that a good home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine can't fix. So pop open a good white (or red) and enjoy the food therapy!


Yay!!! Finally a blog for us "foodies"!! I'm so excited to try out your recipes!!